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The services we provide

Topzhihui provides a variety of intellectual property services to meet different user needs

Trademark Services
  • 1.trademarking

    2.Trademark renewal

    3.Trademark spread

    4.trademark change

    5.Registration of Trademark License

    6.Trademark supplement

    7.Correction of Trademark Application/Registration Matters

    8.Trademark transfer

    9.Providing Priority Certificate

  • 10.objection to a trademark

    11.Responding to trademark objection

    12.Announcement of Trademark Invalidation

    13.Responding to Trademark Invalidation

    14.Dismissal of review

    15.Cancellation of three-year non-use application

    16.Withdrawal of three years'non-use of defence

    17.Withdrawal of three-year non-review

    18.Withdrawal of three years'non-use of a review defence

  • 19.question the witness

    20.Customs filing

    21.Trademark administrative litigation

    22.Provincial and Municipal Famous Trademark Recognition Business

    23.Recognition of Well-known Trademarks in China

    24.Difficult trademark cases

    25.Trademark Civil Litigation

Patent Service

1.Patent applications (invention patents, utility model patents, folding design patents)

2.Patent Use Confirmation, Patent Excellence Award

3.Patent review is invalid

4.Patent pledge financing

5.Overseas Patent Application (PCT)

6.Implementing the National Standard of "Standards for Intellectual Property Management of Enterprises"

Copyright Service

1.Copyright registration

2.Computer Software Copyright Registration

3.Customs Protection Record

4.Copyright infringement litigation

5.Mediation outside litigation

High and new identification

1.Prospect Analysis of High Enterprises (Self-evaluation)

2.Write relevant application documents (information preparation)

3.Fill in online (online declaration)

4.Process tracking service (submission of data)

5.Accreditation and Accreditation


7.Certificate issue


Our Advantages

With more than 100 professional teams, all graduates are law or intellectual property professionals. More than half of the members have engaged in intellectual property business for more than five years. They have rich agency experience and a large number of successful cases.

We also have a high-level, well-known and influential team of experts and consultants in the industry who can guide special and difficult cases and make suggestions for the development of Shantianxuan.

It is also able to grasp the latest information and trends in the industry, understand the standards of review, trial and trial, and provide more valuable services for Shantian Daxu's customers.

For other intellectual property services, please call the customer service hotline for consultation.